Discord Noticeboard

An automated, customisable solution for self-promo channels to truly represent your community.

Recommended Streams

Display chosen streams to your community while you are offline.

Community Streams

Showcase streams automatically populated from your regular viewers.

Artist Commissions

Show who in your community is open for work.


Celebrate your regulars on their birthday.


Use your chat data to generate custom leaderboards for any date range, top gifters, cheerers and chatters etc

Chat Stats

See emote usage combined in a much more readable way, sub gifts and generate wordclouds in any date range

Coming Soon

Discord Roles

Grant your viewers discord roles based on their activity. Sync your bits, follower and animated emotes to discord

Coming Soon

First Messages

Widget to display your viewers' first messages each stream. Dockable in OBS

And more...

We are committed to adding more features to help your stream and community, all while keeping the same low subscription price.